By using responsive visibility shortcode, you can easily show or hide various pieces of information with different groups of visitors viewing your site on a wide array of devices. While this isn’t something that you’ll use for everything, there are certain times where you might want to share a specific message just to your visitors on mobile devices, tablets, desktops, or any combination of those three. To do so, simply wrap the content you want to display (or hide) for different groups in the [ac_visibility] shortcode. Next, simply add in which groups the content should be shown or hidden from, and voilà! Go ahead and resize your browser window to see how different messages are displayed below for different screen sizes.


Note: I'm Visible Only On Desktop Devices!

				[ac_visibility type="visible-desktop"][/ac_visibility]		

Note: I'm Visible Only On Tablet Devices!

				[ac_visibility type="visible-tablet"][/ac_visibility]		

Note: I'm Visible Only On Phone Devices!

				[ac_visibility type="visible-phone"][/ac_visibility]		

Note: I'm Hidden On Desktop Devices!

				[ac_visibility type="hidden-desktop"][/ac_visibility]		

Note: I'm Hidden On Tablet Devices!

				[ac_visibility type="hidden-tablet"][/ac_visibility]		

Note: I'm Hidden On Phone Devices!

				[ac_visibility type="hidden-phone"][/ac_visibility]